The Scientific Congress of Hellenic Medical Students (SCHMS) is the gemstone of SSHMS activities. It is an annual event, first introduced in 1994. Each year since, it is hosted by a different Chapter of the Scientific Society of Hellenic Medical Students (SSHMS). The academic community has embraced the SCHMS, as evidenced by the participation of thousands of students of Medicine and related Schools of Health Sciences and hundreds of Professors and the scientific level of the Conference, which ranks it among the most timeless and popular medical conferences of Greece and Europe.

During the conference, students are given the opportunity to develop a scientific and research project that is in line with their interests, to familiarize themselves with the preparation and presentation of scientific papers, to come into contact with renowned professors, but also to meet their fellow students from all over Greece and abroad. The subjects of the conference touch on a very wide range of scientific developments in all medical specialties and are guaranteed to cover the special interests of each participant.

The conference includes:

  • Round Tables, Oral Presentations and e-posters on a wide range of topics
  • Practical medical skills workshops
  • The Medical Olympics, a medical knowledge competition for preclinical and clinical students
  • The International Forum of Medical Students and Junior Doctors with recognized scientists from Greece and abroad