The Scientific Society of Hellenic Medical Students (SSHMS) was founded in 1993 and is a non-governmental, non-profit civil organization, which includes 7 different Chapters, each representing one of Greece’s medical schools. SSHMS aims to mobilize medical students (and students from other health-related departments) to organize scientific and educational seminars, workshops and conferences.

  Our goal is to promote scientific and social values and to raise awareness about the importance of volunteer work, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary cooperation, as well as health advocacy.

In our 28 year course of action we have developed affiliations with multiple scientific societies, academic and non-academic institutions and, in great part, thanks to our generous sponsors and partners, we have achieved to continually organize multiple scientific projects on a national level -such as “Primary Healthcare Elective Placements Program - Apovasis” (Volunteer support of Primary Health-care Institutions in more than 60 remote and rural areas across Greece-Athens), ABCS3 (Applied Clinical Seminar with Scenarios for Students-Thessaloniki), CCIMS (Clinical Case Internal Medicine Seminars-Patras) ECS (Emergency Cases School – Alexandroupolis) among others- as well as on an international level, with the Scientific Congress of Hellenic Medical Students (SCHMS) being the cornerstone of our activities. With activities such as the above and by forming alliances with national and international student teams, SSHMS has managed to expand has its field of interests and achieve a meaningful impact in mobilizing students to get involved in scientific activities and cultivate their scientific interests.

Furthermore, throughout the academic year, each Chapter organizes multiple educational workshops (suturing skills and basic clinical skills workshops, Basic Life Support seminars, emergency case simulations etc.), activities aiming to raise public awareness regarding public health problems and needs (blood donations, campaign for Bone Marrow donation, medical taboos etc.). During the pandemic, our activities had to be provided solely online, yet, we managed to adapt to the new format and even enrich and advance the quality of our actions, proving our student-members’ motive and ability to continuously find new ways to spread scientific knowledge, stay up-to date with the latest scientific advancements and take advantage of the tools they are given to maximize the quality and impact of their projects.

For more information regarding SSHMS and its actions, you may visit our official website.